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During the normal use of the heat transfer oil hot press plate (heat transfer oil press machine), a series of physical and chemical changes will occur due to the heating medium and heat transfer oil after a long time use, such as the increase in viscosity, carbon residue, acid value, etc. A large amount of fouling such as coking and carbonization inside the system affects the normal use of the system to a certain extent, resulting in reduced flow and insufficient heating temperature, which has a certain impact on production equipment. If the heat of the hot press board is uneven, the hot press board cannot be used normally. For this reason, effective cleaning means must be used to remove the coking and carbonization of the inner wall of the heat transfer oil hot press to make the temperature uniform.

According to the actual operating environment of the heat-conducting oil press machine (heat-conducting oil heat press), Hebei Aijie has developed a heat-conducting oil press machine (heat-conducting oil heat press) after years of hard work. ) Cleaner product of heat conduction oil-AJ-2-121 heat conduction oil hot press cleaner product.
AJ-2-121 heat-conducting oil hot press cleaning agent is a professional supporting agent used to effectively remove the oil coking and carbonization fouling that appears in the system after using different brands of heat-conducting oil as the heating medium for a period of time. It peels and dissolves grease and other mineral deposits through strong penetration, peeling and dissolution, so that they are suspended in the liquid medicine and discharged. It can effectively solve the uneven heat transfer of the hot pressing plate, and can also wash away the charring and coking particles mixed in the grease stain. Ensure that the descaling rate is above 90%, and the equipment will not cause any corrosion and adverse effects during the cleaning process, which is safe for the human body.

Product features: (This product has a solvent odor, colorless and transparent liquid, specific gravity: 1.15±0.05, non-combustible.)
1. Safety: non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.
2. It is easy to use, without heating and mechanical stirring.
3. Economy: It can be used repeatedly.

4. Non-combustible, non-explosive, non-toxic and harmless, as well as fast dissolution rate and low volatilization rate are the typical features of this product.

5. The speed of dissolving coke is much higher than that of similar products, and the speed of volatilization is much lower than that of similar products.
Scope of application:
Degreasing and carbon deposit treatment of heat-conducting oil hot press, plate press, roller press, hot oil furnace, pipeline, and heat-conducting oil system.
How to use:
1. Drain the remaining heat transfer oil from the system.

2. Link the platen press with the external circulation pump and the circulation pool to form a circulation system.
2. After adding AJ-2-121 thermal oil hot press cleaning agent to the circulation tank, cycle cleaning for 2-4 hours, and then discharge the cleaning waste liquid. If the carbon layer exceeds 4-5 mm, the soaking and cycle cleaning time can be appropriately extended to 4-6 hours. Note that when discharging, be sure to maintain a certain pressure in the system so that the fallen carbon deposits can be discharged smoothly and avoid clogging the pipeline.
3. AJ-2-121 heat transfer oil hot press cleaning agent does not need to be washed with water after cleaning. After the surface is dry, directly add heat transfer oil to start the operation.
1. This product has strong degreasing properties. Please wear rubber gloves for long-term use; if it accidentally splashes on the skin, wash it off with water.
2. This product is volatile, please keep it ventilated when using it; keep it sealed when storing.

3. Conventional packaging: 25 kg/plastic drum, 200 kg/iron drum; 5 kg/iron drum (sample reagent volume) packaging is also available.

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