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High temperature thermal oil online cleaning agent

AJ-8-021 high-temperature heat transfer oil online cleaning agent helps loosen and remove carbon deposits, oxidation products, resins and colloids from heaters, piping facilities and heating vessels through special chemical reactions, and dissolve various types in the system Grease stains, carbon deposits and other insoluble grease stains, with an efficiency of over 90%. The process is simple, does not need to stop, the operator is safe, does not affect the normal operation of the system, and does not cause dirt to block the pipe. It is the first choice for the majority of heat-conducting oil furnace heating systems.

Product features

Non-corrosive: After being added to the system, it does not change the characteristics of the system’s heat transfer oil, and it is completed under non-corrosive conditions.

Thorough decoking: It can completely remove all kinds of insoluble grease and carbon deposits, with an efficiency of over 90%.

Process safety: The decoking process is to dissolve the oily dirt and carbon deposits in the system, and the medicine and oil are integrated, and there is no dirt shedding during the whole process.

Easy to use: just add AJ-8-021 thermal oil online cleaning agent to the running system as required.

Safe and harmless: harmless to the human body and the natural environment, it runs directly in the normal operating system.

How it works

1. Additive products can capture the coking groups of aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon chain dehydrogenation cracking and condensation reactions, and inhibit the deterioration and coking of heat transfer oil;

2. The additive components clean and disperse the heavy components of coking and fused-ring aromatic hydrocarbons after being dehydrogenated and dispersed in the system to liquefy and peel off the metal surface;

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