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High temperature and efficient heat transfer oil cleaning agent

KD-L802 high temperature heat conduction oil cleaning agent (heat conduction oil online cleaning agent) is specially used for online chemical cleaning of heat conduction oil furnace and its pipeline system during non-stop operation. The heat conduction oil system can be directly added and used without shutting down when the temperature is below 300 ℃ , Realize the purpose of non-stop cleaning of the heat-conducting oil furnace. KD-L802 high temperature heat transfer oil cleaning agent (on-line cleaning agent for heat transfer oil furnace) dissolves various insoluble grease and carbon deposits in the system through a special chemical reaction. The cleaning nature is gentle, the operator is safe, and does not affect the normal operation of the system.

Characteristics of high temperature heat transfer oil cleaning agent:

Non-corrosive: After being added to the system to start cleaning, the characteristics of the system’s heat transfer oil will not be changed, and the cleaning process will be completed under non-corrosive conditions.

Thorough cleaning: It can thoroughly remove all kinds of insoluble grease and carbon deposits.

Cleaning safety: The cleaning process is to dissolve the grease and carbon deposits in the system, and the cleaning fluid and oil are integrated, and there is no dirt shedding during the whole cleaning process.

Easy to use: just add the thermal oil furnace online cleaning agent to the running system as required.

Safe and harmless: harmless to the human body and the natural environment, it runs directly in the normal operating system.

Low cost: The cost of medicine is much lower than the cost of traditional parking cleaning.

Professional matching: The system that has been cleaned is regularly added to our company’s matching products (KD-L801 thermal oil heat transfer net), which can keep the system running for many years without scale and carbon deposits.

Application range:

Various boilers and piping systems using heat transfer oil as the medium.

Using method of high temperature heat transfer oil cleaning agent: (The following data is a reference number, please contact Kaidi for the specific addition ratio)

Add 5%-15% of the oil capacity of the heat transfer oil furnace system according to the operating conditions of the system. The heat transfer oil system can be directly added and used without shutting down if the heat transfer oil system is running below 300°C, and the system is loaded with medicine. The cleaning is completed by itself in 5-7 days.

If you have product needs and questions, please call Shandong Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Division Technical Center to request a cleaning plan and quotation.