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High-quality MZB-NS wood plastic special stabilizer

High-quality MZB-NS special stabilizer for wood plastic
High-quality MZB-NSWood-plastic special stabilizer is a new type of environmentally friendly polymer wood-plastic composite modifier. Its composition does not contain Pb, Cd, Ba, Cr, Sb, As, Hg, Se and other toxic heavy metals; it does not contain phenols, phthalates, azos, chlorinated paraffins, etc. which are harmful to the human environment substance. It fully complies with EU ROHS, EN1122, EN71-3, US EPA3050B sanitation and environmental protection requirements and domestic quality inspection and sanitation inspection requirements. MZB-NS wood-plastic special stabilizer can effectively improve the degree of polymerization and mechanical strength during wood-plastic processing. It has good chemical and thermal stability, and can effectively enhance the load-bearing capacity and chemical reaction resistance of wood-plastic products. Capability, resistance to thermal deformation and geometric stability. It can effectively improve the crack resistance and toughness of wood-plastic products, can effectively improve the combination of wood powder and plastic, reduce the cracking, expansion, and deformation coefficient of the finished product, and extend the service life of wood-plastic products.
1. Scope of application:
Mainly suitable for wood-plastic kitchen furniture, wood-plastic bathroom products, wood-plastic outdoor wooden houses, wood-plastic outdoor furniture, wood-plastic outdoor doors and windows, wood-plastic outdoor flooring, Outdoor wood-plastic products such as wood-plastic outdoor wooden fences
Two, product technical parameters:
1:Appearance: white particles
2:Smell: no special smell  
4:The effective active content: 96%
5:Validity: 3 years
3. How to use:
Add the MZB-NS wood plastic special stabilizer directly in proportion to the mixing tank and stir evenly. The addition proportion can be added according to the requirements of the product according to 3-6% of the total mixing amount.
4. Matters needing attention:
1: Please make sure to mix well during operation
2: Please seal and store the unused products after opening the package
3: Store in a dry and cool place, and away from children