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Heat conduction oil cleaning agent_heat conduction oil online cleaning agent_kaidi chemical KD-L312 special

Compared with the previous two generations of thermal oil cleaning agents, the third generation of thermal oil cleaning agents has a complete range of products, which can meet the cleaning process under different operating conditions. Including water-soluble KD-L312 heat-conducting oil cleaning agent, solvent-based KD-L212 heat-conducting oil carbon deposit cleaning agent, oil-based KD-L802 heat-conducting oil online cleaning agent and oil-based KD-L801 heat-conducting oil heat transfer net, a total of four heat-conducting oil cleaning agents product. The third-generation thermal oil cleaning agent series products are suitable for various heat exchangers, boilers, pipelines and other chemical equipment that use thermal oil as the heat transfer medium. They have good cleaning effects, fast dissolving oil coke, and low cost. They are truly energy-saving. Environmentally friendly products.

Technological innovation, proprietary products. The thermal oil chemical cleaning agent, the first choice is the Shandong Kaidi brand thermal oil cleaning agent independently developed and produced by Shandong Kaidi Chemical Company, which is specially used for the cleaning of thermal oil furnace pipes.

Kaidi heat conduction oil cleaning agent application scope:

1. It is used to clean heat conduction oil furnaces or heat exchange equipment that use heat conduction oil as the working medium widely used in various industries (petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastics, building materials, heating) .

2. It is used to clean the heavy grease, oil tar and oil sludge in the heat transfer oil system.

The use characteristics of Kaidi thermal oil cleaning agent:

1. Green and environmental protection

2. Safe and non-flammable: This product is a water-based product, which is safe to store and use.

3. Anti-rust during the period: The anti-rust performance of this product to cast iron is ≤1 grade, which fully meets the requirements of anti-rust between processes.

According to different construction techniques, there are also specific requirements for the use of thermal oil cleaning agents. For details, please call the Technical Center of Shandong Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Division to obtain cleaning plans and quotations. Manufacturers supply directly to customers’ factories (Shandong thermal oil cleaning agent, Jinan thermal oil cleaning agent, Zibo thermal oil cleaning agent, Dongying thermal oil cleaning agent, Hebei thermal oil cleaning agent, Tangshan thermal oil cleaning agent, Baoding thermal oil cleaning agent , Shijiazhuang thermal oil cleaning agent, Wuxi thermal oil cleaning agent, Tianjin thermal oil cleaning agent, Inner Mongolia thermal oil cleaning agent, Xinjiang thermal oil cleaning agent), product quality and technical strength are 100% guaranteed! kaidihuagongzyx