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Green environmental protection wax removal raw material ethylenediamine oleate EDO-86

Ethylenediamine oleate is synthesized from ethylenediamine and high-carbon chain oleic acid. It has high organic alkalinity. It maintains a reasonable pH value in industrial synthetic products and is not easy to cause rapid imbalance of product alkalinity! At the same time, it has rapid detergency , Outstanding saponification ability, excellent wax removal solubility: low use ratio concentration, long lasting time, excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects, protect the surface of polished workpieces with continuous smoothness and good water washability.

Second, products Parameters:

Appearance: yellow Transparent viscous liquid

Type: Non Ionic surfactant

PH value: 8.5-11

Content: 99 士0.5.

HLB value: 13-14.5

Three. Products Purpose:

Use 1: Ethylenediamine oleate and amide surfactant or C13 isopropanolamide, alkyl amine ester OTE configuration can obtain ultra-fast non-corrosive wax removal water:

Use two: Active ionic surfactants have good compatibility with other anionic, cationic and zwitterionic surfactants, and have strong dissolving and saponifying power. They are used in the development of abrasives, rust inhibitors, wax removal water, wax removal powder, brighteners, lubricants, etc. Convenient and versatile

Use three: The performance of ethylenediamine oleate is far superior to amine commercial triethanolamine oleic acid soap, 6503 detergent, etc. It reduces the production of slick oil on the surface of the tank liquid in industrial cleaning agents: maintains the balance of tank liquid alkalinity, improves use efficiency and reduces Emissions are very environmentally friendly.

Four. Packaging Storage and transportation: .

Specifications: net weight 200 kg/barrel.

Transport: press General chemical crystal transportation.

Save: Save Store in a cool and dry place, avoid mixing with strong acid and strong oxidation.

Shelf life: 12 Months, the use effect within the validity period*.