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Grab oily agent, free sample of oily grab agent, degreasing formula additive, heavy oil cleaning agent

Greasy dirt scratching agentAX

Chemical composition

[Polymerization isomeric alcohol polyoxygen Vinyl butenyl amide

Product Usage

1,Wetting and penetration, emulsification, saponification, suspension dispersion, enhancement Solubility, foaming, dirt absorption and anti-deposition effect.

2, “MsoNormal” can be added to alkaline In the oil degreasing formula, it replaces the original surfactant and is compounded to improve the degreasing effect;

3, for useLASAES6501NPTXOP,AEO, non-ionic surfactants, Common active agents such as anionic surfactants can be compounded with “oily scratching agents” to improve the oil removal speed and cleaning rate;

4, in heavy oily occasions , It is recommended to add “oily crawling agent”;

5, if you pass the common Surfactant compound can be compounded into alkaline degreaser. It is recommended to add “greasy dirt scratching agent” on the basis of the original compound.

Performance characteristics

●Industrial heavy oil cleaning agent, machine tool metal heavy oil cleaning agent;< /o:p>

●Prevent re-deposition or re-sticking of oil;

●In the conventional alkaline degreaser formula, add “oily dirt scratching agent” to reduce costs;

●Compatible with common surfactants;

●Suitable for weakly alkaline, alkaline and strong alkaline conditions;

●With sodium hydroxide, carbonate, phosphate, silicate, metasilicate, organic acid salt, chelate Additives such as sex have “compatibility”;

●Water solubility, hard water resistance;

●WithoutAPEO, none Phosphorus;

●Industrial heavy oil pollution additives can improve the oil removal speed and cleaning rate.

How to use

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1, it is not recommended to add to the acid degreasing system;

2, this agent cannot be mixed with water; it is recommended to add to the degreasing formula.

3 If you are troubled by the degreasing formula, please contact our company’s engineer to assist you in preparing the degreasing agent ;

4, sealed and stored in a cool place.