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FMES fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylate sulfonate (FMES)

Fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylate sulfonate (FMES) is an anionic surfactant with superior performance. It is a product after sulfonating FMEE. FMES has high dispersibility, degreasing and dewaxing. Good effect, excellent alkali resistance, low foam and many other advantages. The main performance of FMES is: 1, good washing performance, can maintain good washing performance in cold water and hard water, FMES detergency in soft water is also higher than LAS and AES, the gap is more obvious in hard water. 2. Good alkali resistance, resistance to hot alkali at 100°C up to 50g/L, resistance to hot alkali at 40°C up to 150g/L, suitable for direct mixing with sodium silicate or soda ash in washing powder formulations, and also suitable for alkaline washing Liquid formula. 3. FMES’s lime soap dispersing power is as high as 310ppm (LAS’ lime soap dispersing power is only 98ppm, AES lime soap dispersing power is 203ppm). FMES has excellent dispersing performance and is suitable for cleaning working fluids with small liquor ratios. Dirt is evenly dispersed in the cleaning solution to prevent anti-contamination.

Currently commonly used surfactants, such as: AEO-9, TX, OP series products are fatty alcohol or nonylphenol ethoxylates. The biggest drawback of the above products is poor dispersion and easy removal of oil Anti-staining is on the surface of the equipment or the items to be cleaned. Therefore, the final effect of degreasing and wax removal is relatively poor. At the same time, the above products must be compounded with a variety of surfactants to achieve a more ideal degreasing and wax removal. Effect. However, FMEE or FMES solves the above defects, and it can have a better degreasing and wax removal effect without compounding. FMEE and FMES provide a more ideal new choice for the cleaning industry!