Morpholine / Related Application Product

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfosuccinic acid monoester disodium

I. Product Nature
Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfosuccinic acid monoester disodium contains anionic and non-ionic groups on each molecule, which has the unique properties of antistatic and steric hindrance stability; the products produced by it have Good electrolyte resistance and mechanical stability. It is an excellent solubilizing, emulsifying and dispersing agent. When used as a single or co-emulsifier, it is suitable for emulsion polymerization based on vinyl acetate, acrylic acid, styrene, styrene acrylic, pure acrylic and EVA; especially suitable for pure acrylic emulsion; because the structure does not contain benzene ring, it is more It can give latex a finer particle diameter, and has better biocompatibility, which has positive environmental protection significance. Therefore, it is an excellent latex particle size improver in a variety of surfactant compatibility; after the latex is formed into a film It has high gloss, heat resistance and no yellowing; and can be used as a stabilizer added after latex production. For self-crosslinking emulsions, it can also greatly improve the crosslinking effect of crosslinking monomers (N-methylolacrylamide). It is a new type of wetting agent and dispersing agent for washing, coating and ink industries. This product can be used for the wetting and foaming of chemical building materials, as well as the emulsification of floor wax.
Two, product structure

Three, technical indicators

Exterior Colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Solid content 30±2%
pH value 5±2
Shelf life 2 years

Four. Product Features
1. This product has excellent washing, emulsifying, dispersing, decontamination, solubilization, foaming and wetting properties, has little irritation to the skin, and can significantly reduce the irritation of other surfactants; it has a comfortable feeling, Good biodegradability, good compatibility with other surfactants, and excellent bactericidal properties, antistatic properties, flexibility and rust resistance;
2. This product has good stability to acid and alkali, excellent calcium soap dispersion and hard water resistance;
3. This product can produce rich and dense foam, and has a significant thickening effect on an appropriate proportion of anionic surfactants;
4. Low degreasing power, moderate detergency, easy to rinse and no slippery feeling.
Fifth, product use
This product is used to make shampoos, foam baths, shower gels, hand sanitizers, surgical cleaning and other cosmetics, washing daily chemical products, etc. It can also be used as emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, foaming agents, etc. It is widely used in coating, leather, papermaking, printing ink, textile and other industries.