Morpholine / Related Application Product

Fast degreasing and degreasing Jie’s ethyl vinyl ether (low foam) C-200

Features and uses:

1, C-200 has a mild fragrance.

2. Strong resistance to hard water and heavy metals, and a wide range of pH adaptation

3. It has excellent washability and compatibility, wettability, emulsification, and All kinds of oil stains are degreasing and degreasing clean and fast, with good durability

4. It is a mixed type ionic surfactant with non-silicon self-defoaming And self-suppressing foam function, super degreasing and dissolving dirt power

5. If the spray cleaning temperature is above 10℃, the foam will be less stable, and the degreasing power will be strong. Acid and alkali resistance, can meet the spray degreasing cleaning requirements at room temperature

6. Cooperate with normal additives (soda ash, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, Trimer, caustic soda, trisodium phosphate, etc.) become high-quality degreasing powder and cleaning agent, which can meet the requirements of various normal temperature spray degreasing cleaning production lines

Appearance (25℃): light yellow liquid

Water solubility (high temperature): no precipitates

Foam performance (mm): ≤50 10℃±

PH value (1% aqueous solution) 6.0-7.0

HLB value: 8-10

Content: 99.9%

Cleaning rate (0.5%C-200+1% inorganic salt water solvent, spray cleaning , 30℃±2℃): ≥99%

The recommended dosage of degreasing powder (degreasing powder) is 1-8% and C -201 is equipped with liquid detergent for better effect

200KG plastic drum, shelf life 18 months,

According to general chemical storage and transportation, store in a dry and ventilated place