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Ethylenediamine di-o-phenyl acetate-EDDHA-NA

EDDHA-Na-ethylenediamine di-o-phenylacetate sodium

EDDHA-Na is a multifunctional metal ion control agent. Its molecular structure contains a carbonamide functional group. The carbonamide bond is connected to an oxygen atom. This is one of the reasons why EDDHA-Na has ideal properties.
Chinese name: ethylenediamine di-o-hydroxyphenyl sodium acetate
CAS No.: 16455-61-1
Appearance 25℃: reddish brown transparent liquid
Effective content: 50%
PH value (1%in water): 7
Packing: 250KG
1. Printing and dyeing auxiliaries
①Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer. With its excellent chelating ability to iron ions and weak chelating ability to magnesium ions (the stabilizing effect of hydrogen peroxide), it is very suitable for hydrogen peroxide stabilizers in the printing and dyeing industry.
② Anti-staining soaping agent. Reactive dye anti-staining and salt-resistant soaping agent. Overcoming the shortcomings of PA-MA copolymerization that is not salt-tolerant, the color difference of the fabric before and after soaping is consistent.
2. Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor
3. Cement modifier. EDDHA-Na can extend cement setting time ①Storage of cement in high temperature environment ②Unused cement is recovered at construction site, and solidification is extended overnight by adding EDDHA-Na ③Cement is pumped over long distances
4. Oilfield water treatment Oil extraction must replace the oil through capillary gaps that can penetrate the oil field. After the pressure of the natural oil well is dispersed, other methods are used to force the oil to rise to the surface. There are often high levels of various metal ions in the underground oil layer, which will block the oil pipeline after the formation of dirt. EDDHA-Na can effectively prevent the deposition of substances in the pipeline, such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, molybdenum sulfate and strontium sulfate.
5. EDDHA-NA is used in agriculture
Saving chemical fertilizers: EDDHA-NA is a highly effective nutrient absorption enhancer, which can increase fertilizer absorption and utilization by 100-300 times
Coordination of nutrients: Effectively chelate metal ions such as iron and copper.
Improve soil and fertility: adjust soil pH and reduce soil compaction, which is conducive to the survival of microorganisms and promotes rooting of crops.