Morpholine / Related Application Product

Epoxy resin substitute plasticizer, color paste coating special fluidity and plasticizer factory direct sales

This product is made of natural oils and alcohols after a lipid exchange reaction , And then proceedspecial a kind of product with higher molecular weight produced by reaction, andPVC/PU resinPhasemeltingGood performance, excellent plasticizing effect, flame resistance, non-toxic, environmental protection, because The product has an ester structure, which can replace dioctyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate as a plasticizer. It is suitable for:polyurethanePlastic track, glueadhesive, toys,PVC rain gear, PVC hose,point plastic non-woven fabrics,cable material particles,PVC artificial leather, plastics and sealing tape industries; suitable for: lubricants, Papermaking additives and coatings, NBR,polyurethane foaming auxiliary plasticizer and other industries use, etc..

Product performance and features:

1. Excellent plasticizing effect, increasing product flexibility and aging resistance.

2, the flame retardant effect is obvious, this product Can effectively enhance the flame retardancy of rubber and plastic products;

3. Does not contain aromatic components, environmentally friendly and pollution-free;

4. Does not contain low-carbon chain chlorinated Tripartite testing agency testing and certification. All 205 REACH tests passed.

5. This product has both internal and external lubrication performance and excellent gloss. Not easy to separate out;