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Environmentally friendly wooden crafts, wood mouldings, fire retardant for wooden wall panels

Environmentally friendly wooden crafts, wood moldings, wooden wall panels, fireproofing agents
VADERWALD Mutex-environmentally friendly board fire retardant is a multifunctional wood protective agent that combines fire prevention, corrosion protection and dimensional stability. It has a strong flame retardant and anti-corrosion effect on wood, and has a powerful effect of preventing insects. The product does not contain arsenic, chromium, copper and persistent organic pollutants. The treatment cost is low. According to the PBB and PBDE testing requirements under the EU RoHS directive, the treated wood does not change the original color. Its active substance reacts rapidly with the combination of tannin and phenolic compounds in the wood and transforms into flame-retardant nitrogen and ammonium compounds. In turn, it can effectively change the burning performance of wood for a long time.
1. Technical parameters:
1. Appearance: transparent liquid
2. Stability: strong stability coefficient
3. Solubility: easily soluble in water
4. Ionicity: non-ionic
5. Permeability: <30 seconds (pretreatment of poplar veneer)
6. Effective active content: 80%
7. Viscosity (25℃): 12~15 mpa.s
2. Scope of application:
VADERWALD—environmental-friendly board fire retardant is mainly suitable for wooden houses, wooden villas, wooden resorts, wooden garden landscapes, wooden structure buildings, grass roofs, wooden exhibition halls, hotel wood products decoration, various panels (plywood) ) Joinery semi-finished products, finished products, wood floors, wood products and furniture semi-finished products, finished products, wooden crafts, wood moldings, wooden wall panels and other flame-retardant protective treatments.
Three, product features:
VADERWALD—Environmental protection board fire retardant has a wide range of protection, instant super penetration, good anti-loss performance, and instantly generates insoluble nitrogen and ammonium compounds after being injected into the wood and solidified, which is not easy to volatilize, and is not easily affected by rain or soil moisture And the characteristics of loss, strong weather resistance, do not affect the paint construction, do not reduce the strength and insulation of the wood, and improve the dimensional stability and corrosion resistance of the wood.
4. How to use:

Before operation, first clean the attachments on the wood surface, and then choose to dilute and mix with water in proportion. Configure it as an aqueous solution, and perform vacuum pressure, soaking and spraying methods.

1. Vacuum pressure treatment: The recommended concentration is 5%-10%, and the vacuum pressure method is used to calculate the complete penetration of the drug. Generally, the loading capacity of 20-30kg/m3 can reach the national building materials and wood products combustion performance (GB8624-2006) regulations B2, B1 level

2. Soaking method: It is recommended to use a concentration of 10-15%, and the water surface is completely covered with wood as the standard soaking time for 15-30 minutes

3. Brushing and spraying treatment: It is recommended to use a concentration of 20%-25% to fully absorb the surface of the wood (completely wetted as the standard). The spraying area is 15-20 square meters/KG. It is recommended to use 2 times for brushing and spraying. The interval between two brushing and spraying is 2-4 hours
Five, matters needing attention:
1. The dust and dirt on the surface of the wood must be cleaned up during operation, so as not to affect the permeability and reusability of the chemical liquid
2. If you accidentally touch the skin during operation, you should rinse it off with clean water in time
3. Treated wood is not suitable for food packaging
4. Keep away from children during operation and storage. Don’t throw away used medicine and waste.