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Environmentally friendly pure water-based wooden solid wood doors and windows wood wax oil

Environmentally friendly pure water-based wooden door and window wax oil
One: Product introduction:
Mutex-environmentally friendly pure water-based wood wax oil (matte type and light type) requires semi-gloss and can be mixed with the two, Mutex-environmental pure water-based wood wax oil is made in the original (natural carnauba wax, flax Seed oil, sunflower seed oil and other natural vegetable oils) oily wood wax oil is manufactured and synthesized by high and low temperature emulsified oil-to-water technology. This product is pure water-based, flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant, maintains the natural color of the wood (without darkening the color of the wood), is colorless, odorless, solvent-free, non-VOCS, does not contain toxic and hazardous substances, is environmentally friendly, and can be sprayed, brushed, wiped, and Can be applied mechanically. The coating film has flexibility, high hardness, non-sticking, non-cracking, non-yellowing, UV resistance, high permeability, can penetrate into the tiny pores of the wood surface, firmly bond with wood fibers, maintain wood elasticity, and feel natural and close. , The high transparency allows the wood to show its natural texture. It can form a net-like transparent protective film on the surface of the coated object, which can effectively volatilize the moisture inside the wood, and protect the surface of the wood from cracking, mildew, and discoloration. It is waterproof and anti-seepage. Effect. The coating can be “full open” and “semi-open”. The construction and operation are simple, convenient and diversified. Each performance index is better. The construction conditions and methods are more relaxed than oily wood wax oil, and the weather resistance is comprehensive. Performance can completely replace oil products. It is a new type of wood protection product that is very popular in recent years. It can be widely used for comprehensive protection treatment of indoor and outdoor wooden furniture, wooden product landscapes, wooden solid wood doors and windows, wooden pavilions, tables and chairs, wooden fences, wooden villas and gardens.
Two: Product features:
Mutex-environmentally friendly pure water-based wood wax oil has high hardness, toughness, water resistance, stain resistance, abrasion resistance, scrub resistance, moisture resistance, algae resistance, mildew resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, good durability, and strong adhesion , No delamination, no shedding, high solid content, large painting area, can effectively maintain wood elasticity, prevent wood deformation. Enhance surface strength. Provides deep moisturizing and curing to the wood, the surface has an open texture effect, different wood materials can bring different natural real touch, smooth and moisturized hand, with a silky coating feel, simple construction, only need to wipe one or two times to achieve satisfaction Recoating with good effect, easy to repair and maintain, it can be applied to the surface protection treatment of wooden furniture, wooden products landscape, wooden solid wood doors and windows, wooden pavilion tables and chairs, wooden fences, wooden villa gardens, etc.
Three: Instructions for use:
It should be thoroughly stirred before use. If the viscosity is high, it can be diluted with water and stirred thoroughly. According to the actual needs of the size and shape of the product and process requirements-spraying, brushing, wiping, and mechanical rolling can also be used. Recoating time-the recoating time between each pass is not less than 2-4 hours when the winter temperature is low, the time to dry can be appropriately extended. Because this product is pure water-based, it is strictly forbidden to mix with other paints and organic solvents during operation. The tools used should be rinsed with clean water immediately after construction to prevent dry solids and scrap. Because this product is a single-component self-drying system, the remaining material After using up the water-based hardwood wax oil, it should be kept tightly closed. In order to avoid prolonged exposure to air and cause hardening.
Four: Construction technology:
This product is directly painted on the surface of wooden materials. Before painting, sand the surface of the wood product with sandpaper with a fineness of 320 mesh or more until the surface is smooth, and remove the dust, dust, and stains on the surface to ensure that the wood surface texture is transparent and clear. Please make sure that the moisture content of wood products does not exceed 30% during construction. If there is old paint on the surface of the wood product, it must be removed. Stir the product evenly before use. If the viscosity is high, add 5-20% water-based wood wax oil special thinner to dilute it (the water-based wood wax oil special thinner is Small molecular wax oil has strong activity and has penetrated deep into the wood). Under well-ventilated conditions, it can be repainted a second time after 2-4 hours. When painting the second time, you must make sure that the first time is completely dry and then paint the second time. Before the second time, you still need to lightly sand the surface of the wood product with 320 mesh sandpaper, and clean the surface of the wood product. The amount of dust, dust and dust. General wood coating dosage: brush 12-18 square meters/kg once, and 15-20 square meters/kg twice. The amount of brushing varies for different woods. The amount of soft wood is large, and the amount of hard wood is small.
Five: Packaging and storage:
1. The product packaging specification is 25L plastic drum packaging.
2. For pure water-based products, the storage temperature should not be lower than -10℃, so it should be stored in a warm room in winter in severe cold areas in the north to avoid freezing.
3. Avoid sun exposure in summer and store in a cool and ventilated place to extend the storage period.