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Environmentally-friendly MJB-8 wood flour special brightener

Environmentally friendly MJB-8Whitening agent for wood flour
Environmentally friendlyMJB-8The special brightener for wood flour is an optimization based on the MJB-7 water-based brightener in collaboration with Wiedlin Chemical and Germany KMHT A modified wood flour, cotton wool powder and other fibers that integrate mildew, insect, and whitening are specially used for water-based low-temperature strong whitening agents. It can sand wood flour (poplar wood powder, mixed wood powder, MDF board). Powder, etc.) Cotton wool powder has a very strong whitening and brightening effect, which is suitable for various high and low temperature bleaching processes. The wood flour whitened by this product has a series of functional advantages such as high whiteness and gloss, good dispersibility, anti-mildew, anti-insect, anti-oxidation, and yellowing resistance. Its use effect greatly exceeds its traditional liquid fluorescent whitening agent BBU. It is a whitening aid for special fillers such as PVC wood plastic, PP, PE wood plastic, paper making, handicraft Christmas tree snowflakes, PU imitation leather and other special fillers. Foaming
1Appearance: Amber liquid
2. Chemical composition: Azo chemicals.
3. Chemical structure: diamino stilbene disulfonic acid derivative.
4. Active ingredient: ≥66.6%
5. Solubility: miscible with water (cold water and hot water can be infinitely miscible)

6, PH value:7.0~9.0
7, passworddegree:1.1
Performance characteristics and scope of application:
1. This product has pure color, blue-violet light and high whitening intensity
2. Easy to use, miscible with water in any ratio
3. Resistance to strong acid, strong alkali and high temperature

4It has a series of functional advantages such as good dispersion, anti-mold, anti-insect, anti-oxidation, yellowing resistance, etc.
5, mainly used for wood flour (poplar wood flour, miscellaneous wood flour, MDF board sanding powder) cotton wool powder, etc.
Usage and dosage
The conventional addition amount is 0.08~0.8% of the total amount
The addition amount can also be adjusted at any time according to the whiteness requirements of different products
Packing specifications:
25KG30KG50KG200KGPlastic bucket