Morpholine / Related Application Product

Environmental protection copper, iron, calcium and magnesium chelating dispersant without phosphorus

Phosphorus-free environmentally friendly chelating and dispersing agent, copper, iron, calcium and magnesium chelating agent, scale inhibitor, polycarboxylate chelating and dispersing agent

[Product Features]

Our company’s polycarboxylate chelating dispersant products are also widely used in the textile printing and dyeing field. As an environmentally friendly auxiliary agent, it is non-toxic, non-polluting and easy to degrade. The product has excellent chelating and dispersing capabilities.

1)YesCa2+ font>Mg2+Cu2+Fe2+and other metal ions have strong chelating and dispersing ability. It has excellent dispersion effect on solid particles and oligomer gels.

2)It is used in the pre-treatment process of dyeing and finishing, which can significantly improve the scouring effect.

3)In the process of desizing, scouring, bleaching and dyeing, water can be reduced Ca2+Mg2+Cu2+Fe2+The influence of metal ions on product quality.

4)YesH2O2The decomposition has It has a protective effect on the fiber.

5)can significantly improve whiteness and eliminate macular phenomenon.

6)It has strong anti-floating and anti-staining ability, suitable for non-foaming soap.

7)The content of inorganic salt is very low, suitable for compounding various additives.