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ThanksShenzhen Longhuixiang Technology Co., Ltd.provided technical soft text, it is recommended to use Long Huixiang’s production during the production of rubber materialC-90High-content fast anti-yellow vulcanizing agent.

Name: High-content fast anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent Model: C-90Product description: a paste-like bridging agent for Silicone rubber products are molded and vulcanized, used for medium and high-quality products, and also suitable for general silicone processed products.
Ingredients: ★ Double 25, peroxide ★ Accelerator ★ Sulfur aid ★ Silicon polymer
Advantages: ★ Fast curing speed ★ Low addition ratio ★ Better compatibility ★ After vulcanization and molding Low odor
Specifications: ★Appearance: transparent gel-like ★Proportion: 1.02 (at 25℃)
Use ratio: 0.8%-1.5% Use temperature: The actual mold temperature must reach the upper mold (190°C) ±3°C), lower mold (180°C±3°C)
Packaging: 20KG/bucket Storage: Store in a dry, ventilated, and less than 40°C environment for 12 months, no fireworks.
This product information is provided by Shenzhen Longhuixiang Technology Co., Ltd., professional productionVulcanizing agent,silicone span>color masterbatch, colorant, mold release agent, mold cleaning treasure,siliconeink, adhesive, treatment agentetcorganic tin”>Organic tinseries of products.

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