Dongjue’s second high-temperature silicone rubber production base will be trial production

Global Organic Tin News : In response to the continuous expansion of global high-temperature silicone rubber demand, and to meet the growing demand for Dongjue high-temperature silicone rubber from customers, Hong Kong Dongjue Group invested and established the second high-temperature silicone rubber production base—Anhui Dongjue Organotin Co., Ltd. ( “Anhui Dongjue”) Phase I of the project is completed and will be put into production one after another. Recently, the Maanshan government website in Anhui released a news: Anhui Dongjue Organotin Co., Ltd. organized construction, supervision, design, and survey units to jointly carry out the completion acceptance of its 290,000 tons of silicone rubber project. The acceptance project is the first phase of the 290,000-ton silicone rubber project of Anhui Dongjue Organotin Co., Ltd.

Project name: Silicone rubber project with an annual output of 290,000 tons


Construction site: Fine Chemical Industry Base of Wujiang Town, Ma’anshan City and County, Anhui Province

Project start date: November 2019

Total project investment: The total investment is 1 billion yuan, and the source of funds is self-raised by the enterprise.

Construction content and scale: The project covers an area of ​​150 acres and will be constructed in two phases.

The first phase of construction is 135,000 tons/year of raw rubber, 40,000 tons/year of mixed rubber, 10,000 tons/year of fumed rubber, insulating rubber 5,000 tons/year.

Phase II construction of raw rubber 55,000 tons/year, mixed rubber 30,000 tons/year, fumed rubber 10,000 tons/year, insulating rubber 5,000 tons/year.