detergent powder equipment

  Post Date: Sep 22,2021
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detergent powder equipment with
spray drying tower
Raw materials in form of powder
and liquid are dosed accurately,
and then are sent to
neutralization and ageing system
to be neutralized and aged. The
process stream in form of slurry
now goes through a milling-
homogenizing pump to be
homogenized. After that the
slurry is then fed to the spray-
drying tower to form hollow beads
with bulk density of 0.20 to 0.35
kg/L, granulation size of 0.5 to
1.5 mm. After sieved and
conditioned in an airlift system,
the powder becomes the base
powder of low bulk density. A
post-addition unit can be
provided according to customer
requirements, where perfume,
enzyme, perborate are mixed to
the base powder to yield medium-
or high-grade detergent powder.

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