Crude oil cleaning agent

AJ-3-151 crude oil cleaning agent is compounded by a variety of surfactants and organic additives. It has excellent permeability, emulsification and crude oil removal ability, has excellent solubility in water, and is simple and convenient to use. It can be discharged directly after use, and is suitable for dissolving insoluble substances such as crude oil gum and asphaltene, and cleaning the oily dirt deposited on the surface. It can be used to clean the wellbore during oil well operations, to remove crude oil and dirt on the wall of the oil jacket, to remove dead oil and asphaltene at the bottom of the well, and also to clean crude oil dirt on downhole operation tools and mechanical equipment. It can quickly and safely dissolve all kinds of crude oil, coke, oil, grease and grease, greatly reducing the cleaning cost of cleaning crude oil pipelines, pipe fittings and crude oil storage tanks. The effect is very obvious and the price is high.

Product parameters:

Outside view: light yellow liquid

pH value: 8.0~9.0 (5% stock solution)

Relative density: 1.00~1.10

Anti-rust performance〔35±2℃ RH(95±2)% 24h〕: cast iron ≤1 grade

Product features:
1. Green and environmental protection: this is no harm to the human body and no pollution to the environment.

2. Safe and non-flammable: This product is a water-based product, which is safe to store and use.

3. Anti-rust during the period: The anti-rust performance of this product to cast iron is ≤1 grade, which fully meets the requirements of anti-rust between processes.

Main performance:

1. Easily soluble in water, low foam, can quickly dissolve and remove all kinds of dirt and impurities attached to the metal surface, easy to use.

2. No re-deposition phenomenon during cleaning.

3. The cleaning process has no corrosion or damage to the metal surface. After cleaning, the metal surface is clean and bright, with short-term anti-rust function.

4. The use process is safe and reliable, does not pollute the environment, and is harmless to the human body;

Scope of application:
Petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises, repair industry, printing industry, shipbuilding industry and other industries are used to clean heavy grease, crude oil pitch, tar sludge, grease, etc.

If you have product needs and questions, please call Hebei Aijieneng Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. to obtain a cleaning plan and quotation.
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