Crude cleaning agent wholesale

The crude oil equipment cleaning agent products developed and produced by Shandong Kaidi Chemical independently, from solvent-based KD-L215 crude oil cleaning agent to water-soluble KD-L315 crude oil cleaning agent products, after many process improvements, we continue to adjust the formula to meet Each unit’s demand for crude oil equipment cleaning agent products. At present, Kaidi brand crude oil equipment cleaning agent products have been widely used in major petrochemical companies, oil fields and crude oil cleaning construction units.

According to many years of production experience, Kaidi Chemical can conduct sample analysis according to the crude oil indicators of different oilfields or oil depots. After determining the wax content and sulfur content of the crude oil, The oil depot unit provides low-cost crude oil equipment cleaning agent products, and also provides OEM processing services for related cleaning agent products.

Scope of application:
The petrochemical industry, industrial and mining enterprises, repair industry, printing industry, shipbuilding industry and other industries are used to clean heavy grease and sludge.
How to use:
1. Cleaning of oil silo and oil tank: the inner wall is sucked into the product with a washing machine for spray cleaning, or scrubbing; the bottom is soaked with this product.
2. Oil pipes and sealed containers can be cleaned in cycles with anti-corrosion pumps; scattered workpieces can be immersed in this product for cleaning.
3. The crude oil on the oil field drilling platform can be wiped clean with this product or sprayed with a hand pressure spray can or electric ejector. After cleaning with this product, it does not need to be wiped dry.
If you have product needs and questions, please call the Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Division Technology Center to request a cleaning plan and quotation. Manufacturers directly supply to customer factories (Shandong crude oil cleaner, Jinan crude oil cleaner, Zibo crude oil cleaner, Dongying crude oil cleaner, Hebei crude oil cleaner, Tangshan crude oil cleaner, Baoding crude oil cleaner, Shijiazhuang crude oil cleaner, Wuxi Crude oil cleaner, Tianjin crude oil cleaner, Inner Mongolia crude oil cleaner, Xinjiang crude oil cleaner), product quality and technical strength are 100% guaranteed!