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Kaidi Chemical Company can analyze the tar dirt samples of customers and produce special coal tar cleaning agent products in order to reduce the maintenance cost and cleaning cost of coal chemical enterprises. At the same time provide coal tar cleaning agent OEM processing services.

In the coal chemical production process, the production equipment includes heat exchangers, condensers, oil furnace pipes, distillation towers, benzene washing towers, etc. The adhesion, coking and carbonization of coal tar during daily use, This brings inconvenience to the normal production of the equipment. Here we recommend the industrial coal tar cleaning agent product independently produced by Kaidi.

coal tar cleaning agenttar cleaning agent

Kaidi brand KD-L214 coal tar cleaning agent is the latest scientific research achievement of our company. It is refined with a strong penetrating agent and synergist containing a special , Diesel generators, oil-fired generator sets have excellent dissolving and stripping ability of special carbon deposits. No matter how thick or hard the carbon deposits are, they can be stripped from the surface of the equipment within 4-6 hours. The effect is remarkable, extremely fast and effective.
Scope of application:
It is suitable for the cleaning of coal tar scale and carbon deposits in various equipment such as coal tar pipelines, coal tar pipelines, heat exchangers, reactors, benzene washing towers, rectification towers and other equipment.
How to use: Draining old oil → steam purging stagnant oil or pre-washing with clean water → KD-L214 coal tar equipment cleaning agent cleaning → emptying.

Cleaning principle: Because coke scale is a kind of complex mixed dirt with organic matter as the main component, the adhesion to the metal surface is mainly the physical adsorption of van der Waals force. The “chemical cleaning method” is adopted to reduce Tar is dissolved in organic solvents and is naturally removed with the dissolution of organic matter. The cleaning ability of the cleaning agent is quite strong, and it is not greatly affected by temperature, and it can be used at room temperature.
Conventional packaging: 25 kg/plastic drum, 250 kg/iron drum; 5 kg/iron drum (sample reagent volume) packaging is also available.

If you have product needs and questions, please call Shandong Kaidi Chemical Industry Cleaning Division Technical Center to request a cleaning plan and quotation.

The manufacturer directly supplies customers’ factories (Shandong coal tar cleaning agent, Jinan coal tar cleaning agent, Zibo coal tar cleaning agent, Dongying coal tar cleaning agent, Hebei coal tar cleaning agent, Tangshan coal tar cleaning agent Cleaning agent, Baoding coal tar cleaning agent, Shijiazhuang coal tar cleaning agent, Inner Mongolia coal tar cleaning agent, Xinjiang coal tar cleaning agent), product quality and technical strength are 100% guaranteed!