Coal tar cleaning agent price

KD-L214B coal tar cleaning agent is a coal tar cleaning agent product developed by our company specifically for cleaning company cleaning construction, under the premise of ensuring cleaning efficiency, for the purpose of reducing costs, compared with KD-L214 coal tar cleaning agent It has the advantages of low cost and better cost performance. (Remarks: KD-L214B coal tar cleaning agent is a non-environmental coal tar cleaning agent)

Next, I will introduce the environment-friendly KD-L214 coal tar cleaner product. KD-L214 coal tar cleaning agent can quickly remove heavy oil, crude oil, coal tar, oil coke, coke dirt, diesel, asphalt and other oil stains on the surface of oil tanks, oil pipelines, ships and various machinery and equipment. It has a very strong oil dissolving ability. Can be used repeatedly.

Product features:
1. KD-L214 coal tar tar scale cleaning agent has strong degreasing and decontamination ability, and the oil dissolving amount is as high as 60~80%;

2, PH value is 7, safe and non-corrosive to most metal materials.
3. The residual liquid can be completely volatilized, leaving no trace after volatilization;

4. This product is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic and harmless, as well as fast dissolution rate and low volatilization rate are the typical characteristics of this product;

5. It can be recycled and reused to reduce costs.

Scope of application:
1. Used in petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises, repair industry, printing industry, shipbuilding industry and other industries to clean heavy grease and sludge.

2. It is used to clean all kinds of coal tar pipelines, indirect coolers and oil-gas separators in coking plants.

3. Used for tar dirt and thick rings in gas pipelines, gas pipelines, heat exchangers, compressors, air compressors, vacuum pumps and other equipment used in chemical, steel, machinery, metallurgy and other industries Aromatic tar dirt cleaning.

How to use:
1. Cleaning of oil tanks and oil tanks:

(1) Use a washing machine to inhale the product for spray cleaning on the inner wall, or scrub;

(2) Soak the bottom with this product.

2. Scattered workpieces: can be immersed in this product for cleaning, and can also be scrubbed, sprayed, and ultrasonically cleaned.
3. Oil pipes and sealed containers can be cleaned by anti-corrosion pumps;

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