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Raw material for powder detergent:

1) Anhydrous sodium sulfate

2) Sodium tripolyphosphate

3) Light sodium carbonate

4) Heavy sodium carbonate

5) Liner chain alkylbenzene sulfonic acid

6) Blue speckle

7) Perfume

8) Sodium carboxyl cellulose CMC

9) Sodium p-toluene sulfonate STS

10) Tetraacetyl ethylenediamine

11) Sodium fatty alcohol sulphate

12) Fluorescent whitening agent 31#

13) Fluorescent whitening agent CBS

14) Alkaline protease

15) Sodium hydroxide solid

16) Sodium silicate solid

17) Sodium methasilicate pentohydrate

18) Sodium perborate tetrahydrate

19) Sodium percarbonate sodium percarbonate

20) New type 4A zeolite

21) STPP substitute

Raw materials for liquid detergent and cosmetics:

1) Liner chain alkylbenzene sulfonic acid

2) Fatty alcohol polyglycol (7) ether

3) Powder (apha olefin sulfonates)/92

4) Liquid (apha olefin sulfonates)/35

5) Fluorescent whitening agent CBS

6) Sodium hydroxide solid

7) Ethylene diamine tetra acedic acid EDTA

8) Sodium lauryl ether sulfate + 2EO SLES

9) Nonylphenol ethoxylate 10MOL (nonionic) NP-10

10) Diethanolamide of coconut fatty acid cocamide DEA

11) Dental abrasive(silicon dioxide)

Materials for toilet soap and soap:

All kinds of soap grain, soap flakes, color paint and perfume.

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