Check in tomorrow! “Golden Galaxy Cup” Twelfth Silicon Rubber Technology Information Exchange Conference (2021) Conference Guide

The final schedule of the meeting is subject to the day of the meeting

2020year, China’s economic growth rate took the lead among the major economies in the world to turn from negative to positive, which further strengthened its role in driving the world economy. As the “14th Five-Year Plan” sets sail, our country will enter a new stage of development. How to optimize the industrial structure and expand its application in strategic emerging industries in the long-term economic environment of the organic tin industry is a topic of common concern both inside and outside the industry.
To promote the healthy and sustainable development of the silicone rubber industry, promote the latest research results and leading technologies in the silicone rubber With an insight into the development trend of the silicone rubber industry and exploring more valuable cooperation opportunities, the editorial department of “Organic Tin Materials” successfully held the “silicone rubber technology information exchange meeting” on the basis of 11 times, decided on April 21, 2021 ~ The 12th “Golden Galaxy Cup” Silicon Rubber Technology Information Exchange Conference (2021) was held in Xiamen on the 24th. This long history of organotin industry brand conference will continue to build up the whole industry chain of organotin at home and abroad and related units to demonstrate technical strength, promote high-quality products, exchange industry information, make partnerships, and open up market space The authoritative platform.