Morpholine / Related Application Product

Cationic surfactant for new super demulsifier

1. Product Nature:
This product is a new type of hyperbranched Gemini cationic surfactant with a very strong Zeta potential, which is easy to neutralize the anionic surfactant in the system and destroy the system balance, thereby achieving rapid demulsification.
2. Product features:
1. Extremely strong Zeta potential, fast demulsification speed.
2. Strong demulsification ability, low dosage and low cost.
3. Non-toxic, non-irritating, no peculiar smell, non-flammable and explosive, safe to use.
4. After demulsification, no emulsified layer can be formed at the oil-water interface, which facilitates the complete separation of oil and water.
Three, technical indicators

Exterior Light yellow liquid
Solid content,% 33±1
pH (1% aqueous solution) 7±2
Shelf life 2 years

Four, product use
This product is widely used in the demulsification of various water-in-oil (W/O) and oil-in-water (O/W) systems.