Cationic Copper Rosinate

I. Product performance
This product is a new type of copper rosin acid, modified by rosin to make rosin-based quaternary ammonium salt, and then reacted with copper. Compared with traditional copper rosin acid, in addition to the original characteristics of copper rosin acid, it also has all the properties of quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactants, that is, it has the emulsification, dispersion, spreading, wetting, etc. of cationic surfactants. Function, but also has the sterilization performance of organic copper salt. It can completely self-emulsify to form a nano-scale microemulsion and form a cationic system, so it is easier to absorb when used, has a higher utilization rate, and has a stronger drug effect. It has a very high cost performance and is the best substitute for the original copper rosinate.
Two, technical indicators

Exterior Blue viscous liquid
Solid content,% 50±1
Free amine,% ≤1
pH (1% aqueous solution) 7±2
Shelf life 1 year

Three. Product Features
1. With the dual structure of cationic surfactant and organic copper salt, one dose has multiple functions;
2. It has a positive charge and is easy to adsorb, which can maximize the efficacy of the medicine and reduce the cost;
3. Easily biodegradable, green and environmentally friendly;
4. Easily soluble in water, no need for emulsification, simple preparation;
5. Good compatibility with other fungicides.
Four. Product Usage
Used to replace conventional copper rosinate as agricultural fungicide, acaricide, and wood preservative.