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Carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid—CETSA

1. Carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid (CETSA) is prepared by the addition reaction of β-mercaptopropionic acid and maleic anhydride. It is water-soluble,

biodegradability, emulsification and dispersion, chelating and other excellent properties, The molecular formula contains three carboxyl and sulfide structures,

has the properties of both acetic acid and sulfonic acid, and is currently the most Strong organic acid, 1g carboxyethyl thiobutane

The acidity of acid (CETSA) is equivalent to 0.5g 100% glacial acetic acid.

2, carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid (CETSA) is not only a Organic acid, also has excellent dispersing and washing ability, is a kind of

Disperse detergent with superior performance, which can be used in acid cleaning process, Combine the two processes of overacid and cleaning

is one.