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Carbon steel pickling liquid rust remover

This product is a rust remover for metal parts before electroplating and phosphating. It has high rust removal efficiency, fast speed and long durability, which is 1 to 2 times higher than the general pickling and rust removal efficiency. It can quickly remove various degrees of oxide scale and has good environmental performance. Compared with the general pickling and rust remover, the product has significantly reduced damage to the human body. The rust removing and rinsing water meets the industrial wastewater discharge standard and does not pollute the environment.

1. Main technical indicators
1. Appearance: brownish red liquid 2. Specific gravity (normal temperature): 1.10~1.20 3. Derusting temperature: normal temperature 4. Derusting time: 5-30 minutes, if the workpiece is severely rusted or the thickness of the oxide scale is> 1.5mm, the time can be appropriately extended. 5. Rust removal capacity: 0.5~5m3/kg
2. How to use the product:
1. Pour the rust remover directly into the plastic (or other acid-resistant material) tank, 2. The liquid level can submerge the workpiece. 3. Need to add other chemicals and water. 4. In production, add and determine the replacement cycle according to the actual situation. In general, 5. When the rust removal ability is significantly reduced, 6. Add appropriate amount of QH-203 high-efficiency steel rust remover. The replacement cycle is generally determined by adding an appropriate amount of QH-203 high-efficiency steel rust remover and the rust removal ability remains unchanged. 7. Replace it when it can be significantly improved.
3. Matters needing attention
1. The derusting pool must be acid-resistant and can be made of acid-resistant materials such as polyethylene plastic plates. 2. The sundries on the surface of the workpiece should be thoroughly removed before rust removal, so as not to affect the rust removal effect. 3. The work piece after rust removal should be cleaned with water quickly. 4. During the rust removal process, the waste residue should be removed regularly. 5. Cotton work clothes should be worn during operation. The skin should not be in direct contact with the solution. When the liquid splashes on the eyes or skin, it should be rinsed with water in time.
6. Product use

This product is widely used as a surface rust remover for gold, iron, steel, silver, copper, iron, nickel, aluminum, zinc and other metals or alloys.

7. Packaging, storage and transportation

Packed in 30kg plastic drum, storage temperature: 5~25℃, shelf life is 2 years
4. Process flow: degreasing → washing → pickling (removing rust) → washing → passivation (anti-rust) → washing → drying