Carbon Fiber Release Agent

  Post Date: Nov 29,2021
  Expiry Date: May 28,2022
  Detailed Description:

Product Name: Carbon Fiber Release Agent
Item No.: SilibaseRA-4CFS
SilibaseRA-4CFS Carbon Fiber Release Agent is our company the latest production technology and environmental protection formula, can effectively remove all kinds of harmful substances, excluding HAP and PAHS and various heavy metas, pass latest environmental protection standard of ROSH and REACH, and conform to the ISO90001:2008 production quality index. SilibaseRA-4CFS Carbon Fiber Release Agent is a special revomal agent of new carbon fiber composite material, suitable for all kinds of burn rod manufacturecarbon fiber composite materials, such as carbon fiber plate, sheet, fishing rod, golf clubs, bike rack, the surface of the shaft, tennis rackets and other carbon fiber molding release.
Physical Data:
● Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
● Viscosity:100Cs-150Cs
● Stripping force:N100㎡- <40
● Working Temperature℃:70-250℃
● Density:0.70 – 0.72
● Properity:Oily based
Usage Method:
● First with a suitable solvent or cleaning agent thoroughly cleaned mold release agent to remove the old residual or other dirt then wipe with a clean cloth or towel.
● Use air-assisted airless spray or spray equipment brush available brushed or wiped with a cotton.
Packaging: 5 Liters/barrel, 25Liters/barrel, 200Liters/drum or according to your demand.
Storage: SilibaseRA-4CFS Carbon Fiber Release Agent should be stored in a cool place in its original package. Avoid direct contact with acidic and alkaline chemicals. Avoid heavy pressure and direct sunlight.