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Bill Anda Molybdenum Disulfide (MOS2)

Biranda molybdenum disulfide (MOS2). The solid lubricating coating is the name of the composite solid lubricating treatment of everlube, molykote, etc. Bill Anda’s molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) solid lubricant mainly plays a positive role in improving the performance of the material surface. Our company, Bier Anda, is to perform molybdenum disulfide solid lubricating coating treatment on various metal parts. Our company has long-term molybdenum disulfide surface treatment experience, has superb technical experience and programmed management experience, and provides customers with related supporting services . It complies with MIL-L-8937D, MIL-L-46010E Ty 1 military standards and meets the requirements of AS-5272 Ty. 1. FBC-3 is widely favored in various markets including aerospace and medical industries. Excellent service life and chemical stability, good wear resistance, suitable for high-load applications

2. Bier Anda molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) solid lubricating film processing purpose, use Solid lubrication is widely used