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Everlube Company Profile
Everlube is one of the MIC divisions. It is one of the U.S. stock-listed companies Curtiss Wright divisions. It is a leader in the development of functional coatings and is synchronized with Boeing, Airbus, and NASA aerospace technology. Everlube specializes in developing functional coating solutions. It is not only a leader in solid lubricating coatings, but also a manufacturing plant for formula research and development.
Its famous brands, such as: Everlube ®, Lube-Lok ®, Lubri-Bond ®, Perma-Slik ®, Esnalube™, Henderlube™, Kal-Gard ® Ecoalube ®, Electro bond ®, Everlox ®, Evershield ® ,Ever-Slik ®. , Formkote ®, Henco-Phos™, Henco-Mask™. , Formkote ®, Henco-Phos™, Henco-Mask™.
◎ Everlube ® has ISO9001:2000 certification
◎ The main task of Everlube ® products is to provide special lubricants and functional layers to improve customer product performance
◎ Everlube ® products comply with customer and government regulations, reach satisfaction levels, and continue to improve the quality assurance system, aiming at customer needs and requirements
◎ Everlube ® is the only gold medal awarded by the U.S. Military Logistics Agency for the fifth time — There are more than 45,000 manufacturers in the United States that supply the needs of the U.S. military, of which only 391 manufacturers have received the gold medal from the U.S. Military Logistics Agency. 61 Several manufacturers were awarded silver medals and 47 manufacturers were awarded bronze medals. Everlube ® is the only excellent manufacturer that has won the Gold Medal Award from the US Army Logistics Agency five times.

Everlube coating is particularly suitable for the following situations
• The friction surface is easy to melt, seize, or leak and corrode.
• Those who cannot refuel for a long time.
• The use of any lubricating grease fails.
• Those who are troubled by pollution when using any lubricating grease.
• Highly loaded people.
•Persons with acid, alkalinity and solvents polluting the environment.

Common use
• Bearing Gear Guide Spline Piston Valve
Main Specification Description: a, Everlube 6102G is thermally cured, the solid lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide and polytetrafluoroethylene and a phenolic polymer adhesive. In fastener products, the relationship between torque and pressure can be improved, and the fasteners can withstand higher loads and are less likely to loosen. Everlube 6102G is widely favored in various markets including the automotive industry and the medical industry. Second, everlube620C is a heat-cured solid lubricant with MoS2 as the basic component and contains an organic binder. 620C can provide very good service life, good wear resistance, and it performs particularly well in high-load applications. everlube620C meets MIL-L-8937D, MIL-L-46010E Ty 1 military standards and meets the requirements of AS-5272 Ty. 1. FBC-3 is widely favored in various markets including aerospace and medical industries.