Morpholine / Related Application Product

Almighty cleaner Almighty water, stain and oil cleaning fluid

1. Product features:
The unique formula of highly concentrated active ingredients contains blocked different Consisting of non-ionic surfactants and dirt dispersing agents, decontamination quickly and quickly. It has a wide range of uses, does not damage the skin, and does not damage the material. It can be used for cleaning and decontamination of various surfaces, such as hotel facilities, furniture and electrical appliances, floors, walls, windows and other surfaces. It is easy to rinse. It can also be used for daily maintenance and cleaning of the wax surface of the floor.
2. How to use:
According to the severity of the stain, determine the proportion of water to dilute, use Procter & Gamble Use a cloth or a floor scrubbing machine for cleaning, or you can scrub by hand. If the dirt is serious, you can reduce the water ratio or use it with a little degreaser. Suggested ratio: light pollution: 1:30; medium pollution: 1:20; heavy pollution: 1:5.
3. Note:
Avoid contact with food and eyes, if you accidentally touch it, use Rinse with plenty of water, keep away from children.