Alkyl Glycoside 0810

First, the nature of the product

Alkyl glycoside APG is a new generation of environmentally friendly green surfactants. It is a non-ionic surfactant. The raw materials used are oral glucose and fatty alcohol. Alkyl glycosides are completely biodegradable. This product is non-toxic. , No irritation and widely used in detergents, cosmetics, food, medicine, fire fighting and other fields.

Three, technical indicators


Light yellow liquid

Solid content


pH value


Shelf life

1 year

Four. Product Features

1. Green, natural, low toxicity, low irritation, easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly;

2. Low surface tension, low critical micelle concentration and high surface activity;

3. Excellent compounding performance, can be mixed with all surfactants;

4. Strong detergency, excellent wetting and penetration performance;

5. Strong foaming power, fine, stable and rich foam, easy to clean;

6. The product is easy to dilute, has no cloud point, no gel phenomenon, and is convenient to use;

7. It is resistant to strong acids, alkalis and salt.

Five, product usage

1. Used in personal care products such as body wash, facial cleanser, shampoo, etc.;

2, used as a synergist for water pesticides;

3. Used as a high-efficiency solubilizer;

4. Used as a high-efficiency emulsifier;

5. Used for high-efficiency cleaning agent.

VI.Packaging, storage and transportation

1. Packed in plastic barrels, each barrel has a net weight of 200kg, or customized according to user requirements.

2. The following signs should be placed on the packaging barrel: product name, manufacturer name, batch number, net weight, production date, product qualification certificate, and an inspection stamp.

3. This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive. Store in a cool, wind-proof place, and keep it tightly closed. If there is stratification, please shake well before use.