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Air compressor online cleaning agent price

During the normal operation of the screw air compressors of industrial and mining enterprises, due to the high temperature shutdown of the air compressor unit and the contaminants such as the head glue blocking the air compressor oil circuit, the oil supply is not smooth, causing the problem that the air compressor cannot be used at high temperature .

To solve this problem, according to the traditional cleaning process, water-based chemicals are generally used for cleaning or the air compressor is disassembled and cleaned. On the one hand, a lot of time is wasted, and on the other hand, the air compressor is also The pipeline caused a lot of corrosion and damage.

In response to the above problems, the technicians of Shandong Kaidi Chemical Co., Ltd. have developed and produced air compressors after years of research and development and experiments on the oil circuit of air compressors and the carbon deposits of air compressors. The product without disassembly and washing, that is, the KD-L803 air compressor online cleaner product, successfully solved this problem.

Next, we will briefly introduce the KD-L803 air compressor online cleaner product as follows.

The KD-L803 air compressor online cleaner independently developed and produced by Shandong Kaidi Chemical is used for descaling, anti-scaling and inhibiting coking during the normal operation of the air compressor lubrication system. This product contains polar activated molecular components. Through a special chemical reaction, it helps to loosen and remove carbon deposits, oxidation products, resins and gums in pipeline facilities and heating vessels, and dissolve all kinds of grease and carbon deposits in the system. This kind of insoluble grease has an efficiency of over 90%. The process is simple, does not need to stop, the operator is safe, does not affect the normal operation of the system, and does not cause dirt to block the pipe. It is the first choice for the majority of low-temperature lubricating oil system users.

Main advantages

1. Reduce the cost of cleaning the air compressor system.

2. It can remove deposits from difficult-to-access surfaces.

3. High efficiency, non-corrosive, soluble in all mineral oils and synthetic oils.

Product features:

External view: yellow-brown transparent liquid

pH value: 7.0

Relative density: 1.02~1.05

Stickness: 18~20
Product features:
1. Synthetic ester-based cleaning oil formula has both powerful cleaning effect and lubricating performance.
2. It does not contain acid and alkali, is non-corrosive to copper, iron, aluminum and other metals, is compatible with sealing materials, and has a good anti-rust function after cleaning.
3. In the cleaning process, it only has a strong dispersing and dissolving effect on colloids, carbon deposits and dirt, and has no destructive effect on the running oil in the air compressor.
4. Easy to operate, starting on-line cleaning, only half an hour, time-saving, labor-saving, safe, reliable, and economical, and minimize the labor intensity; after use, it is conducive to the energy saving of the air compressor.
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If you have product needs and questions, please call the technical center of Shandong Kaidi Chemical Cleaning Division to request a cleaning plan and quotation.