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A large supply of Mujiebao-wood furniture blue stain removal potion + pine children’s furniture blue stain removal potion

Large supply of Mujiebao-Wooden Furniture Blue Change Removal Potion + Pine Children’s Furniture Blue Change Removal Agent
Always, preventive treatments have been taken for wood blue stain and mildew, but there is no good way to eliminate blue stain for wood that has already blue stained. MJB Mujiebao wood blue stain remover is a new type of wood stain remover. The wood that has undergone blue staining and moldy staining is treated by reduction reaction, and the blue staining phenomenon can be eliminated by painting, so as to reduce the economic loss and processing cost caused by blue staining to processing enterprises.
1. Scope of application:
It is mainly used for special tree species such as rubber wood, pine wood, maple wood, oak wood, and chrysanthemum wood that have undergone blue stain, mildew, and so on. Especially for rubber wood. Pine wood, etc. due to moisture content. Carbohydrates (starch and simple sugars). The color change caused by the large number of cocoa coccidia bacteria in the wood tracheids or ducts caused by the high content of the blue stain fungus invades the interior of the wood. The coloring matter secreted by the hyphae of the blue stain fungus causes the cell wall to stain, which causes the wood to be stained. Phenomenon such as blue change that occurs.
Two, product features:
This product can effectively eliminate a series of wood color changes caused by wood blue stain, bacterial growth, chemical adsorption, ultraviolet radiation, etc. This product does not affect the bonding and paint performance of wood. It does not contain arsenic, chromium, copper and Persistent organic pollutants, harmless to human health, do not pollute the environment, and do not damage the structure of wood fiber. The treated wood can ensure that blue staining does not occur.
3. How to use:
Clean up the attachments on the wood surface before operation, and then evenly apply MJB Mujiebao-Wood Blue Stain Eliminator stock solution with a brush or sponge for 1-2 times, (the surface is completely wetted as the standard), the whole Cover with plastic cloth (plastic wrap). Place it in a well-ventilated place to cool naturally for 12-24 hours. After the blue stain of the wood is eliminated, subsequent processing can be carried out
4. Matters needing attention:
1. This product is a polymer treatment agent. Therefore, please avoid mixing with reducing, acidic, alkaline and organic solvents.
2. This product must not be taken in by mouth, keep it away from children, and wash it with clean water if it is accidentally taken in the eyes
3. If you need to dispose of a painted product, please clean the paint film on the wood surface before using this product
4This product will crystallize below 5℃. Please store it in a place above 5℃.
5. Effective period of use: 24 months